Memories, Vinyl and Money Lost and Found in the Marvel Omniverse

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Sometimes...

This is the 1966 reprint of 1964 The Avengers #4 comic (the reintroduction of Captain America to the Marvel lexicon and his first issue with the Avengers) with Golden Records LP narration.SSPX0077F+ copies average $700. They go up from there. Way up. I almost blew $229.00 on a copy of the LP alone, no comic, because I had it as a kid and wanted to get one for my little guy.

Then I remembered, I still had a hundred or so LP’s in the basement that didn’t fit on my shelf. So I decided to look. There it was, comic and all. Granted, it was mine when I was 4, so it’s gnarly, but the LP plays fine and I ordered a 1992 reprint of the comic (the old one is all dark & crusty- but I HAVE it!) for 18 bucks.

Then I went through the rest of the LPs. Fantastic stuff, the entire Steeleye Span catalog, a copy of the Hobbit on book and record, the soundtrack to Ben Hur, literally a grands worth of vinyl that was just beginning to mildew on the jackets- saved because I remembered I might just have something I needed stashed away.

This weekend, I’m going to clean them up, alphabetize them and have a nice, long listen to things forgotten. And I saved 1200 bucks in the process. All I gottsta do is buy one more shelf for my rack. And that’s cheap, too.

Not a bad night, overall!




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