It’s the little things, muthahs!

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Sometimes...

I was just walking back from from dropping my boy at his mom’s. We had just ended a great, 66° and sunny (DECEMBER!) Boys Weekend with killer hike, when I saw something that the word ‘epic’ can actually be legitimately applied to.

A dude in his 50’s, cruising in a totally, truly bitchin’, totally rodded up candy apple red, big flake, chromed pipes dune buggy, Alice Cooper’s “Eighteen” BLASTING out of the totally open cab.

He was at a stop sign on the corner ahead of me and it was such a fucking rad scene that I couldn’t help grinning like a nitwit.

When he saw me, he gave me an equally enthusiastic  grin, a nod of late 70’s hooliganism solidarity, waved out of chromed roll cage, cranked the Cooper louder and chirped ’em as he took off.


  1. I remember a buddy of mine and I were cranking Accept one day with the windows rolled down. We pulled up next to a sweater-around-the-neck- sun glasses-on-the-head a couple in a convertible BMW. I reached down to blast “Balls to the Wall,” and they looked over at us with a shared grimace of utter disgust.

    My buddy turns to me and says, “nothing as glorious as white trash expressing itself.”

    I ’bout near pissed myself.

    Rock on, Boyo!

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