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That’s what my friends Phil, Gopher and myself have. A combined age of 137 years.

Today the three of us hung out, griping about the winter weight we’ve accumulated, the blues that accompany Winter and Winter weight, etc.

And we’d have continued in the complaint vein if it weren’t for our shared passion- BICYCLES.

Goph has a sweet roadie he’d recently converted to a tourer-ish composite bike and rolled it into Phil’s garage where we were changing my brakes (by we, I mean Phil, who actually did all the work) and we three stopped our bellyachin’, and marveled at it. It has beautifully clean lines, gorgeous wheels. He added new straight bars, shifters and brake levers, and the new brake assemblies themselves were just gorgeous. It all went together beautifully. As a salvaged, 90’s American Schwinn, it’s classic grace combined with modern updates made it… sexy.

After having an actual bike in our midst, it inspired us to turn the conversation immediately to fat-bikes.  We raved about how they will not only extend next years riding season several months by slicing through the snow on their uber-chunky tires, but how they’ll gracefully meander mountain tops we tend to barrel across because the terrain is such that on a narrower rim, the rocks, roots & stumps will simply knock ya the hell over if you don’t bomb over ’em at speed.

From there, some back slapping at our ability to out-ride guys 20 years our juniors, due almost entirely to the determination, finesse and experience that come with getting older and being on the tenacious side to begin with. I know for a fact my 20 year old self would never be able to outlast my current 45 year, 11 month old self. Especially on long, murderous inclines (Ever driven from Starrucca to Stillwater Lake? We did it on MOUNTAIN TIRES ON THE ROAD last summer. With no training and a 20 year lapse in having ridden AT ALL.)


We’ve all got physical issues, some of which we had 25 years ago, some new ones, but all of this kind of melts away when we ride and quite honestly, the more we ride, the fewer aches and pains we have. It’s remarkable. And whenever we roll past a group of dudes our age, we get the “Lookit them guys. Who do they think they are riding bicycles at their age?” and we all kinda wish we could get ’em on a bike for one good ride themselves. We know it’d change their lives for the better, forever.

Winter’s been rough on everyone this year. It’s been dark, and really REALLY cold! It seems like it’s taking longer to hit the road than any other Winter, ever. We know it isn’t, but it FEELS that way.

But Spring is coming!

We’ve taken little walking tours of some trails we intend to his the instant Spring gets here recently, and we got to ride well into the winter, sometimes in temperatures well below zero due to some amazing tech advances in riding clothing.  Stuff like that has tempered the nastiness Winter a tad and made the blahs & blues a little less severe.

But the one thing, the ONLY thing that grabbed us by the lapels and dragged us through the darkest, shortest, coldest days of the waning Winter was thinking about, shopping for, deeply discussing and constant daydreaming about RIDING.

Spring is nearly here, our bikes are in the final stages of post-hibernation dialing-in and we are chomping at the bit.

Bicycles have enriched, lengthened and, ultimately saved the lives of myself and my two long-time trail partners, Goph & Phil.

Thank you, bicycles everywhere!

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. ” ~H.G. Wells

“Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” ~Mark Twain